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QuestionWhat is the most erotic experience you have dad, the one you close your eyes and are always taken back to that moment? Answer

That is very difficult to answer because - and I don’t intend to brag, but - one way I have been very lucky and blessed is to have had many great, memorable experiences. 

I react the way you describe - close my eyes and instantly taken back to that moment - with a number of fond memories. Some are romantic, like the first time I made love to the man that would become my husband. Some are passionate and wild  - like the time he and I made love at night on a secluded beach and I discovered midway through that it was not as secluded as we thought, but continuing on while our new “voyeurs” watched and enjoyed. Some are hot because of that danger of getting caught - like when I was a sophomore, giving head to a senior boy in the furnace room at school during the middle of the school day. Thinking of any of those and many others, always takes me back to the moment.

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QuestionAre you a good mom? Answer

People tell me I am and that always means a lot to me because, the way I see it, that means they’ve seen the way my kids conduct themselves and they’re giving at least some of the credit to me.

I don’t deserve as much credit as they think - I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband and kids who are naturally loving, kind, smart and funny.

I do take parenting VERY seriously. It I the most important thing I will ever do. (Sorry for such a long answer, Anon)

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